This is America and I’m going to speak my damn mind! And yes I’m pissed!

It really boggles my mind on the way some news organizations around the country are reporting Whitney Houston’s death.  And yes, I’m talking about TMZ. First they decided to post pictures of the bathtub Whitney died in and dubbed it “The Death Tub“.   I mean really WTF!

Secondly, they posted a video of Whitney’s aunt Mary Jones (who found Whitney in the tub) being harassed in the airport by TMZ camera’s before catching her flight back to New Jersey.  Then they went on to claim Whitney’s final meal consisted of Rx pills & alcohol. Really though?

Third, they did another video which claimed “The Death Tub” revealed one of Whitney’s beauty secrets while bathing.  Mind you they also posted a photo of the tub with her hair ties floating in the water with a gravy dish on the side allegedly filled with olive oil.

In addition, they created all these news stories on their site centered around Bobby Brown and the family supposedly not allowing him to see his daughter and better yet being banned from Whitney’s funeral.

I mean damn really? It’s almost like they are trying to make a “mockery” of her death.  Some things just should not be posted just out of respect! Personally I thought all of that sh*t was totally disrespectful to her family, Whitney’s fans and even her spirit which lives on.

Despite how folks feel about the relationship Whitney & Bobby had, at the end of the day it’s their damn business! They truly loved each other and if never else deserve to be respected. They have a child together and will always be tied to one another until the end! So give their family the damn privacy they are asking for! Geesh!

So despite all the bullsh*t you all have heard & all the fake stories Bobby Brown has been allowed to see his child and will be at Nippy’s funeral according to ABC News.  Just a word of advice, some news agencies are all just about making $$$.   Pop the hood for the deeds.

The Scoop:

As plans for are being finalized for a scaled-down funeral for Whitney Houston, ex-husband Bobby Brown denied claims that he was getting the cold shoulder from Houston’s family as he tried to stand by his daughter’s side.

Reports of tension between Bobby Brown and his ex-wife’s family about attending Houston’s funeral, scheduled for Saturday, were inaccurate, a source close to Bobby Brown told ABC News.

TMZ reported Tuesday evening that Brown was being frozen out of attending the service by some of Whitney Houston’s family members, but the source told ABC News that Brown had been contacted about going.

Calls made by ABC News to Houston’s family were not immediately returned. [source]

If it was your famous child who passed away unexpectantly, how would you feel about all this B.S? At first I couldn’t understand why the family decided not to have a public memorial but after her mother said “the world had Whitney, now we want to have her in private“.  Now I completely understand!

So the floor is now open has TMZ gone too far with reporting the death of Whitney Houston? Leave your thoughts & opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. terence says:

    Bobby brown LUCIFER’S ANGEL Introduce Whitney a life of destruction.He should be banned from daughter & WHITNEY HOUSTONS FUNERAL. You did enough damage Bobby brown back on your tour no one is interested in your destructive behaviour. Or you .your goal was to hurt one of gods children..move on Bobby. Brown!!

    • smarchel says:

      Bobby is one of God’s Children too, he was just misled by the negativity of “THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS”. My goodness! Whitney chose the life she lead. She owned it just as much as she owned turning her life around back into a positive manner. There is no fault, God just needed Whitney more than her family, friends and family did. One thing for certain, we cannot Question God!

  2. smarchel says:

    I just think it’s disrespecting Whitney and her family. The only thing that matters is the fact Bobbi Kristina is no longer going to have her mother and best friend, Whitney’s parents have to bury their own child, and she absolutely loved Bobby and probably still did when she left him, she just knew they were not good TOGETHER anymore. The commonality they had and did together was be a big part of their daughters life. These people are really pissing me off with the insensitivity. Her past was just that her past and everybody has one. One thing will always remain is that Whitney was one of the baddest in the business and THE BADDEST in her generation! nuf said!!!!

  3. lunda says:

    bobby brow is a zero …. he smokes crack near is little girl … He beat is wife … He’s jealous about the success of his wife … he insult her in public … this kind of man (bad boy of cartoon) it’s a shame for all human being especially african people

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