It’s no secret that Uncle Simmons has a thing for caucasian models, but this right here just took the cake for me! Now, I admire Russell Simmons & respect him by all means but with all the money he has, he could get “becky” just about anywhere he wanted.

He’ll and thanks exactly what he did, according to the NYPost, Uncle Russ was caught getting some “becky” in a bathroom stall Monday night during Vs Magazine fashion week party.  Guess Russy he was feeling a little freaky or was he? 

The Scoop:

The mega-millionaire music and fashion mogul — who’s now single after splitting with actress Melissa George — was spotted in the unisex bathroom during Monday’s party for Vs magazine hosted by Helena Christensen, Nur Khan and One Model Management at the Dream Downtown hotel’s Electric Room.

Our eyewitness told us: “Russell was in the bathroom talking to the many models coming in and out. He left, and then he came back with this one brunette. He playfully led her into one of the bathroom stalls and closed the door,” the source continued.

Our witness watched as the hotel’s bathroom attendant spied Simmons and the woman enter the stall together, and banged on the door, declaring, “One at a time.”

After a minute, according to our witness, they emerged. Soon after, Simmons came back to the bathroom alone, made eye contact with the attendant and pointedly put several bills in the tip jar.

Later on a rep for Russell Simmons responded: “The . . . account of last night sounds like a lot of fun, but it is absolutely, completely false.” [source]

And there you go…Uncle Russ just may not be as freaky as some of you nasty folks were thinking.  Y’all know Uncle Russ would never do such a thing right? LOL

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