Well….well…well….who didn’t see this one coming?

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s recent love-making in the studio is only the beginning. After the ex couple released new remixes featuring each other (“Birthday Cake” & “Turn Up The Music“), word is they are close to getting back together!

The Scoop:

Chris Brown and Rihanna are dangerously close to getting back together, sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ — but the singers’ friends are desperately trying to keep them apart .. for their own good.

According to sources, Rihanna is still head over heels for Chris — despite that fateful night 3 years ago when he brutalized her — and if it weren’t for the media and her fans, she would already have taken him back.

We’re told Chris also has extremely strong feelings for Rihanna — current girlfriend be damned.

Now, sources tell us, Rihanna and Chris’ friends are terrified they’ll get back together — and they’re doing everything they can to prevent a possible reunion.

According to sources, friends on BOTH sides have expressed extremely strong reservations to Ri and CB about spending so much time together … warning it’s a terrible idea … personally AND professionally.

As one source put it, “You can’t hold back love.” [source]

Welp! If that’s what they both wanna do at the end of the day who are we to judge? It’s their lives not ours, either way they will do what they want to anyway!

Now, I don’t agree that they should get back together but hell…….I’m just over this whole situation between them…….

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