It’s almost been a full week since Whitney Houston’s “home-going” services aired all across the world and more celebrities are speaking out about their frustrations.

First Aunt Viv from “The Fresh Price of Bel-Air” [see here] and now ex rapper Master P has written an editorial on how he feels about the whole situation. The mogul wants to know where in the hell where folks when Whitney was alive?

Master P writes:

We come from nothing. Nobody is perfect. But once you become a star, they never truly recognize you until you are dead. Whitney Houston had an amazing funeral. What a supporting cast of stars, politicians, community leaders, and business execs that attended and shared their love. But where were they when she was alive?

I’m asking the world some questions, and I just want you to think about what I’m saying. Maybe some of you asked the same questions.

•If Whitney was alive and had a birthday on February 18, 2012 instead of a funeral, how many celebrities would have showed up?

•Do you think Kevin Costner would have made time and said half of the nice things he said while Whitney was alive?

•With all of the money Whitney made for Arista Records, if she asked for some financial assistance to help put Bobby Kristina through college, do you think they would have helped her?

•With everything Whitney had been through and overcome, if she wanted to do a program to help girls, what TV stations would have aired it as quickly as they aired her funeral?

•Now they call Whitney a Legend, the Greatest, the Voice. How many told her that while she was alive?

•If Whitney were alive, how many of us would be waiting to see and support the upcoming movie, Sparkle?

•If Whitney were alive, would the Grammy’s have paid the same attention to her?

•Radio stations are playing Whitney’s music, her videos are in rotation, people are buying her albums, but who are the ones truly benefiting from it now?

Master P does have some valid points however doesn’t that sort of thing come along with that lifestyle as being a celebrity? For years, celebrities have been worth more than they were alive.

To be quite honest, we as in the fans can’t control how record labels, execs, other celebs and all show support for someone.  We can’t control the various award shows, tv specials and etc.  Hell most of us will never even get the opportunity to sit in the same room with some of our favorite celebrities.

I know the questions he asked are geared todays the entertainment industry but that same question could be asked of him. Now, I don’t know what relationship he had with Whitney but my question to him would be the same question he’s asking others. Where were you Master P? What have you done?

At the end of the day it does not matter where anyone was or what anytime did or didn’t do, all of that is irreverent at this point. Whitney was a grown woman who made her own choices, let’s just celebrate her life and move. When God calls there is nothing anyone can do to stop it!

May she now rest in peace…..


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  1. tony smith says:

    I’m not famous. I am not in the media. But Whitney was my favorite artist. I have always honored her. I posted her songs to my Facebook page long before she died. I watch her on Oprah. I wanted her to do another album. I prayed for her voice. I am not guilty.

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