After being detained in a government immigration jail for almost a year, the woman known as Kat Stacks has been granted freedom. We’ll I guess now she can get back to her regularly scheduled ratchetness when she hits the streets.  I shouldn’t be saying this but I’m sure she’s ready to get her p*ssy wet just like the old days.

The Scoop:

The young woman with a huge hip hop fan base known as Kat Stacks was given a deportation reprieve Wednesday. “Oh my God. I am so happy!” yelled Andrea Herrera in a phone call with her mother.

Last year immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. told Herrera that she would have to leave the U.S. But on Wednesday he signed the order for the 23-year-old’s release from a Louisiana immigration facility following her appeal. “Finally freedom!” Herrera exclaimed.

Herrera, using the name Kat Stacks, has bragged about wild sex with hip hop stars and living the high life. When Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained Herrera, the immigration court judge ruled she wasn’t going to add anything to American society, and ordered her deported. Her family and lawyer said she was a victim of sex trafficking
and created the Stacks persona to survive.

The appeals board voted 2-1 to grant her appeal. ‘I’m excited. Oh my God, happy,” said her mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas. “I can’t wait to hug her.” – NBC Miami

Welp! On a serious note, congrats to her for getting that appeal. No one wants to be locked up especially if you didn’t commit a crime. However, rapper’s out there better wrap it up, the “Kat” is back in action.  I’m sure the first person on Kat’s list to f*ck is Lil Scrappy…..


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