If you planned to be in DC on inauguration day to party the night away alongside President Obama and the First Lady, that ain’t happening!  According to reports, ticket’s for the star-studded event were scheduled to go on sale today however, someone at Ticketmaster’s blew the whistle a day early. 

The Scoop:

Ticketmaster, which is handling the ticketing for the sole official inaugural ball open to the public, goofed yesterday when it emailed invitations to purchase tickets to some people, prompting an early run on some of the hottest tickets of the year.

The tickets were not intended to go on sale until today, but as soon as the exclusive links were sent out, recipients jumped on the unexpected early opportunity and began snapping up tickets. And now, instead of the regularly scheduled online queueing and page refreshing that lusted-after tickets inspire, the inaugural ball was sold out thanks to a technical glitch. Aoife McCarthy, a spokeswoman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee, confirms in an interview that the supply of tickets is gone.

In a second email yesterday to people on the inaugural ball waiting list, Ticketmaster took responsibility, saying the ticket-purchasing links were sent out as the result of a test of the ticket broker’s email system. That message also read that a “significant”—though unspecified—number of tickets were sold. The company also made no promises that anyone who receives one of the invitations will actually be able to buy a ticket. “All public tickets are first-come, first-served, including those sold tonight. There is no guarantee that you will be able to purchase a ticket at any time,” it wrote. – DCist

Welp! I ‘m sure there are plenty of folks who are pissed at Ticketmaster’s…………..


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