Reports have surfaced online and have been confirmed that Beyonce did not sing the National Anthem LIVE during President Obama’s Inaugural ceremonies on Monday. According to a Unites States Marine Band rep, “we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track.”

The Scoop:

President Barack Obama’s second inauguration on Monday featured performances from Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, and a rousing rendition of the National Anthem from Beyoncé. Now, reports are surfacing that Beyoncé was lip-synching her performance.

“All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day,” United States Marine Band rep Kristin DuBois told Page Six.  “We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyonce was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know what the reason why.”

The Washingtonian reports that “it was evident that the band wasn’t actually playing during the song.”

And there you have it! I myself was fortunate enough to be there live on the National Mall and would say that most probably wouldn’t have thought she was lip-syncing. However, when  she took that sound piece out here ear that clearly gave it away. Regardless, she did a hell of a job.  Let’s not forget that many greats also used pre-recorded tracks.

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  1. WATCHDOG says:

    Great another fake – go figure

  2. richy follis says:

    in other words if she can’t sing live for the president, that must mean she fakes all her concerts also,no better than lance armstrong

  3. Deborah Stuart-Henderson says:


    • Kym J says:

      Not a hater, was a fan, I just do NOT believe the hype about her anymore, most of her singing episodes are via videos, pre-recorded, dubbed, and mechanically manipulated, most have noticed this for years… She portrays herself as this strong, fierce woman, yet, in one of the most celebrated episodes in her career, she AGAIN, feigns another voice issue… It is getting so, that it is evident, she isn’t as fierce as she thinks, and it is time to pack up and take her money and go! If this is how she is at an inaugural, I am not even interested in watching her at Super Bowl… To be honest, she is getting boring, and most people’s interest has waned long ago, this episode should have been her pinnacle moment, to show the world, I can out sing, a little pop rock, country singer and a sexy weigh loser (Who even after the weight loss, sings better than her in public)… Sorry, but the Idol team, beat her again! American Idol Stars: 4 Beyoncé: 0 (And for those with short memory, Carlson and Hudson both were on Idol show, both sang openly at ceremonies, and both did better, than the dying Queen B. Seems there are new Queen Bees waiting to take over Beyoncé’s throne). Thank God!

  4. Kym J says:

    Well, there went her 15 minutes of fame! We already know her voice was nowhere as powerful to out sing Jennifer Hudson, and the latter got the Emmy, because she deserved it, by acting better than Beyoncé, too! So what made anyone think she was powerful enough to sing in front of millions in PUBLIC? She only got this singing session, because she and her Hubby did a million plus fund raising in New York for the POTUS’ campaign, so what is the issue? She has never been able to sing in front of people in large crowds, without pre-recorded music, just like she will be doing for her millions of dollars for PEPSI, she is not all that everyone thinks, her vocals are always panned. That is why Destiny’s Child is joining her in the Super Bowl, she cannot do it alone… Weak vocals, she was hyped up, so much by her Dad, and now that he is gone and Hubby is running the show, she is coming out weaker and weaker… I had hoped that she would have “brought it,” to prove me (former fan), and other naysayers she was the right choice. I watched her portion of the show, and not until she pulled the earpiece, did, I switch from “She is doing good,” to another thought of, “Why did she do that?” then, I became suspicious… when you are a spoiled diva, you can NOT really hear anyone but, yourself!! But, as usual, she failed to reach the high notes, only reached for the prestige for the honor, and has now made it a laughing stock of herself, and a momentous occasion. It has been a longtime overdue for Beyoncé to take the money, after the Bowl, and run, with her hubby, Blue Ivy (a screwed up name for a kid), and her entire clan and run… run… run… Scooby-doo… We have had enough of this fake, obnoxious woman… But, I want to also, comment that this inauguration was suppose to be a wonderful celebration, however, it is amazing, just how demeaning, error searching, detrimental, nit-picking and cynical the media has been within twenty-four hours… What couldn’t this twice-elected, African-American President of the United States have enjoyed this celebration, a historical event, that will never be repeated for possibly another hundreds of years, and just had a plain and simple joyous event? Stop the hindrance of the old differences of the past four years, and let us remove the covert animosity of a re-elected BLACK POTUS and FLOTUS!!! Get over it!!!

  5. i hope next time they will consider CHARICE to sing the National anthem … if you do not know her just check Charice youtube channel.

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