It was just days when Beyoncé announced the dates for her upcoming new tour “The Ms. Carter Show“. When tickets initially went on sale for her first show in Washington DC at the Verizon Center they sold out in seconds.  Word than got back to Beyoncé’s camp so they added a  second show however, that show also sold out in seconds.

Now thousands of “Beehive” member’s in the DC area are frustrated and pissed off cause they will not be able to witness their Queen in action. The “Beehive” is now calling for an internal investigation into Ticketmaster’s and all other ticket outlets that sold tickets for her tour.  Fans want to know how in the hell did two shows sell in seconds!

The Scoop:

WASHINGTON -There are a lot of frustrated Beyoncé fans in the D.C. area. They missed out on tickets to her first July concert at the Verizon Center, and on Friday morning, they missed out on a chance to get tickets to her second July date.

Like the first time, tickets to that concert sold out in a matter of seconds. Now some fans are going on social media sites to call for an investigation into Ticketmaster and other ticket sale outlets. They are asking how tickets could go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, and 60 seconds later, they were sold out!

Christopher Grimm is a fan advocate who works with the organization Fan Freedom. He says what fans need to know is that the deck is stacked against them. “Most tickets were already gone well before the public on sale,” says Grimm.

Grimm blames the industry for what he says is a common practice of holding large chunks of tickets back for certain credit card holders and fans that belong to special clubs. He adds that there are smaller blocks of tickets set aside for promoters, sponsors and the artists’ family and friends.

“By the time you or me or regular folks log in, most of those tickets are already gone,” he says. “So instead of competing for 20,000 tickers when you log in, you’re competing for 2,000 or 2,500.”

Ticketmaster has taken the biggest hit from fans who have waited for tickets to be released only to see them sold out in seconds. But Grimm says Ticketmaster isn’t the only company feeling the heat. He believes at the end of the day, it’s up to artists and their management to make things right for fans before they find themselves out of tune.

“We just think they should be honest with fans,” Grimm says. “They should disclose up front that only 2,000 tickets will be on sale for the public on sale; all other tickets available for the presale and then people can make a decision.”

Ticketmaster hasn’t responded to the Beyoncé ticket uproar, but last year, when the same thing happened with Bruce Springsteen tickets, a Ticketmaster spokesperson issued a statement saying, “Sadly that’s what happens. There’s a lot of demand and little supply.” FOX 5 did some checking and found Beyoncé tickets going for thousands of dollars online. Fans are upset and sounding off!

Clearly the “beehive” ain’t playing however, the last time I checked Ticketmaster’s is first come first serve.  I’m just saying……..


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