Sweet Brown

…I guess the fastest way to become an overnight celebrity these days is to act like a fool on national TV. Who’s mad though?

When I head about this story it ticked my soul. For those of you who have no clue who Sweet Brown is let me give you a brief bio on this funny azz lady.  Sweet Brown is a woman who escaped an apartment fire and then became an overnight celebrity via YouTube after her comments on the fire were caught on tape by the local news outlet.

Any who, shortly after the video went viral world-wide she then landed a tv commercial for a local dentist office in her home-town community. Apparently, she’s the next big thing cooking since life’s bread.  Now, Tyler Perry himself has reach out to her for a movie role in his upcoming movie “A Madea Christmas“. 

The Scoop:

Tyler Perry has reached out and grabbed Sweet Brown for his big screen adaptation of his play, ”A Madea Christmas”, according to The Grio.

There hasn’t been any details given about her role in the movie, but surely she’s pinching herself after being asked to appear in the film.

According to the report, the movie centers around a visit to the country after Madea is enlisted to help her friend pay her daughter a surprise visit that uncovers secrets. – EurWeb

Congrats  to Sweet Brown! All I have to say is “Ain’t nobody got time for that“! ROTFL!

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