Soledad O'Brien

…I am not feeling this but I’m sure from her standpoint it’s the best decision for her. With that said I am going to support my girl!

CNN morning news anchor Soledad O’Brien has revealed that she will be leaving CNN to pursue other avenues. Soledad who has become a household name since she joined the network is widely known for her doc series ‘Black In America’.  I’m sure you are asking yourself “why in the hell is she leaving?”. We’ll according to sources, there is a lot of scandalous sh*t going on at CNN, Soledad was “allegedly” promised a slot in prime time but never received it!

The Scoop:

High-profile morning anchor Soledad O’Brien is on her way out at CNN as new boss Jeff Zucker moves Erin Burnett into her morning slot, Page Six has exclusively learned.

We’re told award-winning journalist O’Brien has indicated she is ready to leave after she was initially promised a plum prime-time slot, but that role has so far failed to materialize.

A source tells us: “The deal to move Erin to the morning alongside Chris Cuomo is basically done. Soledad had been told she’d get a prime-time slot, but that hasn’t yet happened, and now she is telling friends she is likely to leave.”

The source added, “Soledad is talented at producing in-depth, serious pieces of journalism, and is a tough interviewer. That doesn’t seem to fit the direction the network is going.”

Another source added, “Soledad is a big star, and would only stay for the right show. There’s word there will be a flurry of announcements at CNN very soon, including Erin’s move to the morning. – Page Six

This is some B.S.!  I truley hate to see her go.  If it is true that CNN promised her a prime-time slot, they should be ashamed of themselves! Soledad has brought alot to the network during the past few years; although we don’t know what really went on behind the scenes, she damn well deserved a prime time slot.  As far as I care they could have moved that damn Anderson Cooper to daytime. LOL

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