Blair House

….this house sits literally right across the street from the White House.

So today at work I learned something new!  I had no idea that the President Of The United States has an official guest house in the nation’s capital.  As long as I have been here in DC, how in the hell did I manage to miss that piece of information. LOL

So the short story goes a little something like this: 

While sitting at my desk at my government job downtown Washington DC I received an email from one of my co-workers asking me for assistance with entering a new project into one of our reporting systems. In the line of what our job responsibilities are, we are responsible for managing the construction of federal buildings & federal courthouses all across the United States.  So off-course, that’s a lot of buildings and govt properties to keep up with.

As I proceeded to open the email the first thing I say was “Blair House“.  At that moment I realized I had never heard of that “house” before so I just kept right on reading the rest of the email.  My co-worker than say’s to me “Hey Antonio, I tried to enter this project in system but I’m not succeeding. Can you enter it? I couldn’t find a way to add and designate the project manager. Also, I could not find (blair house) in the building list.

To make a long story short, I immediately pulled up one of my databases to first research and find out what in the hell is this “Blair House” she kept referring to. LOL. Let’s just say after all that I had no clue that the “Blair House” is the official guest house of the President.

See you just never stop learning.  So here’s a little history moment for some of you.  I know I can’t be the only person who didn’t know what it was.  Enjoy!

The Email: 



The Scoop:

According the U.S. Department of State, the Blair House sits on 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue may not be a well-known address, but the structure on that site is known throughout the world as Blair House, the President’s guesthouse, managed by the Office of the Chief of Protocol.

Blair House was built around 1824 by Dr. Joseph Lovell, the first Surgeon General of the United States, on land purchased from Commodore Stephen Decatur. In 1836, Francis Preston Blair, who ran the Globe newspaper and was one of Andrew Jackson’s closest confidants, purchased the house for $6,500. Following Blair’s retirement to Maryland in 1842, the house was occupied by his descendants and other notable people for the next 100 years.

During World War II, Blair House was purchased by the federal government and officially became the President’s guesthouse for heads of state visiting the White House. The house underwent a major renovation in the 1980s and remains a magnificent home for monarchs, presidents and prime ministers while in Washington.

The Blair House of today is actually four interconnected townhouses forming a 110-room complex totaling 70,000 square feet.  The house has 14 bedrooms, 9 staff bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, 4 dining rooms, several conference rooms, an exercise room, a flower shop, hair salon and even a laundry facility. – US State Dept

Blair 1 Blair 2 Blair 3 Blair 4

blair 5 Blair 6

Blair 7 blair 8 blair 9 blair 10

Damn!  I already knew how important my job is but now I really understand how significant it is!  You just never know how the things you do on a daily basics affect so many people on such a large executive scale.  In my case it’s the President of The United States! WOW….


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