Marvin Sapp may be a man of God however, he is not having it!  The ‘Never Would Have Made It‘ singer has fallen victim to an online scam involving a fake orphanage in Africa. Apparently, some fool hacked his Facebook and has been sending out emails asking his fans to donate money to the orphanage.

We’ll Marvin wants everyone to know that he does not have a g*ddamn orphanage in Africa and you should keep your f*cking money! Okay..he didn’t say it exactly that way, don’t y’all have a sense of humor ??

The Receipts: 

Marvin wrote the following letter via Facebook to his fans:

Grace and Peace Beloved,

It has been brought to my attention through my office from many of you that follow me on Facebook acquiring about an orphanage in Africa. Please let me make this emphatically clear……I do not have an orphanage in Africa and any correspondence via email or text is not coming from me. The request you receiving to send or donate money is not a legit! This is someone impersonator me. I have taken steps to report all this fraudulent information to the proper authorities. The information as it relates to the orphanage that you may be receiving is as follows:

Name Of Organization: Home of peace orphanage home
Location: Africa Phone 424-224-9538

Please don’t send money to this organization as it is not legit!!

I love me some Marvin Sapp but, lawd I hope the Pastor does not get mad at me for cursing in his post.  I really needed to make sure a few of y’all got the point! (LOL)

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