Aww shucks now! Some of you all have been waiting a long time for this (or maybe not) and now it may happen!  After nearly 12 year’s and Ja Rule being locked up behind bars the duo may be getting back together on a new cut soon.
The Scoop:

With Ja Rule set to be released from jail in July, is it time for a Ja Rule and Ashanti reunion?

“Me and Ja were talking and you know, I don’t say ‘no,'” Ashanti said in an interview with HuffPost Live on Tuesday. “We may do something.”

“I think a lot of fans want to see that,” Ashanti said of reuniting with Ja Rule. “There’s no denying that we had a run, baby. It was magic.”

Ashanti also hinted about a collaboration she booked for her upcoming album. “I had a really good phone call with one of the hottest rappers out right now and he’s gonna hop on the record,” she told HuffPost Live. “I’m excited about that.” – HuffPost

Interesting…..!  I just don’t see them making another hit single like they did back in the day.  I think their season already came and gone….

Sweet Brown

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