It has almost been two year’s since Beyone’s dropped her ‘4‘ album back in 2011. Fast forward to today and now there is a new case against a man who ‘allegedly‘ leaked her album online for the masses ahead of its release.

According to sources, Sony Music is still pissed off at the man for placing an advance copy of Bey’s album online and now they are going after him legally.

The Scoop:

Beyonce’s label bosses at Sony Music Entertainment have filed suit against a Swedish fan who allegedly leaked the superstar’s 2011 album weeks before its scheduled release date.

The Crazy in Love singer’s 4 project surfaced online on 8 June, 2011, 16 days before it officially hit retailers, and Sony executives are now suing the man believed to be responsible for the leak.

They have filed papers in Gothenburg District Court for $233,000 (£145,625) in damages from the 47-year-old local resident, whose name has not been released. He is thought to have obtained an advance copy of Beyonce’s last studio disc from his links in the music industry. – ContactMusic

It’s not like the label really needs the money but I guess it’s just another tactic to keep y’all azzes from messing with Queen Bey’s shyt……..

Anderson Cooper

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