So who exactly is Bert Wynder?

Robert Wynder (Bert) was born in North Philly however, he was raised in Bridgeton, NJ where he grew up far from a normal life.  At the age of 1, he experienced the tragic loss of his father while being bread as a warrior.  From that point on he was raised by his grandmother Hattie Morrison where as his life was laid out for him.

Bert was raised in a household of six; like many other young African-American men,  he quickly learned what it meant to be raised in the ‘ghetto‘.  While going up in a community full of drugs, gang’s, violence, and poverty his grandmother kept a close eye open knowing he would soon be destined for something greater.

When his mother Deborah Morgan came home his life began to change.  Being a christian woman she joined the First Church of The Nazarene and so did her kids.  From working two jobs to doing side errands she was determined to create a better future for her children. Early mornings began with his mother playing some of her favorite oldies while cooking family meals.

From the O’Jays, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, and more, often times you could hear the soothing sounds of Smooth Jazz in the background little did Bert know this would be the beginning of his music experience as a child.  Soon after the 1980’s hip-hop emerged it was everywhere and had influencing everything while grabbing a hold of the young MC.  “I still remember hearing my brothers and sisters playing Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Sick Rick to the this day“, says Bert.

Later on in life in the early 1990’s Bert begin putting his skill to the test at the age of thirteen he wrote his first rhyme. “I still remember it so vividly (laughing out loud).  I went to my older brother Steve to let him hear it and his response was.  Yo chill with all the cursing, that’s played out try using your intelligence it takes more skills to rhyme then it does just adding a lot of curse words“.

From then on Bert practiced and sharpened his skills.  In 1997, the year that would change everything he finally had a style but that would be shortly celebrated when he faced his first battle.  “I’ll never forget it I had just wrote something to the song “It’z Yours” by the Wu-Tang Clan.  I went to let my boys hear it and one of my boys said ,”Yo you think you hot I wanna battle you tomorrow“”.

From then on Bert knew in order to keep his spot he would have to protect it.  This later on proved true as he battled neighborhood MC’s and free-styled in local cyphers.  From schools to late night rap sessions hip hop was spreading in South Jersey and he was at the forefront in the mix of it all.

Some of his influences include old school rappers such as Nas, Ghost Face Killah, Jay Z, D-Block, Big Pun, Biggie, Tupac, Foxy Brown, Big L, Az, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, DMX, Too Short, Ugk, Mos Deff, Gangstarr, and Redman.  Ten years later the doors were wide open and Bert began to take hold of his career.

Right now as an independent artist he has worked with Scoop Lo, G Fellah, Hop, J-Nasty, DJ Flair, Boss Bellz, Heat, Trouble, Phats, Ty Vision (aka The Hood Disckmakers), Giovanni Jerzeyboy, Lo aka Silvertongue Valentine, Supreme from Urban Xpressions, DJ Lil Dice, Wna Visual, Pooda Peso, Punch,, and Og Productions.

In addition he has performed everywhere from Manhattan to Philly doing live shows and even having a song on the radio.  Now going forward continue to watch this artist/songwriter grow.  You don’t won’t wanna miss what he does next!

You can check out Bert at the following locations:






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