Oprah is on a mission to get her network ‘OWN‘ rolling with the big dogs! In an effort to provide more diverse options for your viewer pleasure she has teamed up with comedian Kym Whitley for a new series dubbed ‘Raising Whitley‘.  The series will follow Kym Whitley on her incredible journey raising her adopted son named Joshua.

Hold on! Before you give me the cold shoulder, there’s more. See Kym Whitley was a mentor for young woman all her life, a few years ago a one of the girls she mentored gave birth to Joshua but left the child at the hospital cause she wanted Joshua to have a much better life than what she could give. We’ll Kym had no idea that the mother left the baby boy for her!

The Scoop:

This is definitely going to be a much watch show thing Spring! Kym is very funny and the story alone on Joshua and her deciding to take on the task of being a mother to him is just awesome!

Raising Whitley’ premieres Saturday, April 20 at 10 p.m. EST, on OWN.

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