The streets have been talking all morning long since news broke that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina was “allegedly” evicted from her Atlanta area apartment.

According to TMZ, she left a handwritten letter for her neighbors after she was evicted from her Georgia apartment … AND IT’S NASTY!!! However, according to her publicist she WAS NOT evicted, she left on her own terms. 

The Scoop:

Despite reports that Whitney Houston’s daughter and her boyfriend Nick Gordon were recently kicked out of their apartment building due to noise complaints, E! News has learned the eviction rumors are false. A rep for Bobbi Kristina tells us she was not evicted from her home, she simply opted to move because of the complaints.

“Bobbi felt that the neighbors were always in her business and looking to get some sort of media attention,” a source also teels E! News of the situation. “Krissy lives on the 2nd floor and as with anyone who lives in a first floor apartment you should expect to hear some noise above you. But apparently these people have been nuts for a long time. So she decided to move out. She was not evicted.” – E! News

And there you have it! I mean really evicted? Bobbi has too much darn money for that!

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