Check out episode 1 of reality tv’s newest baby momma drama dubbed ‘The Real Baby Momma’s of Richmond’. The show is set in the capital city of Virginia and follows a group of women who tell their story with overcoming life struggles, being single mother’s and all the ratchetness that comes along the way in the streets of Richmond.

At first I was weary about this, but I soon realized that no matter how ratchet the show may be; these woman have real life stories to tell. At-least they are doing some positive and trying to make a name for themselves and not selling a** on the streets for a buck. The world needs to see this! Peep it out.

Wow! Interesting! This was much better than I expected. These ladies may be on to something here.

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  1. CoCo says:

    I don’t like the beginning intro (the music), it’s like does EVERY show have to have hiphop music involved?? This is a show about MOTHERS! hello…, & also the part with, them in the club, not a good look.! I like the music that was being played as they rode down Jeff Davis Highway. As for the women, I commend them for keeping & raising their kids. The lady with 9 kids, I extend my condolences to her, but I was wondering why she had to go through the whole story about her son getting killed? I wished she could have spoken about her struggles with her other kids. And the mother who had gone to Atlanta a few times, I wish someone could have asked her HOW did she get such a nice home?? Is she married or still single? But I commend this woman for having an idea & rolling with it.

  2. You should also talk about how some baby mamas like to start drama for the men who actually want to be in their childrens lives. The ones who try every attempt to keep the child away. Not every father is a dead beat dad. There are some good fathers out there, and rachet baby mothers that just want child support or are jealous because the father has moved on. My father was in my life and my husband is in his childrens life. I hope that one of your episodes reflect that end of the spectrum as well.

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