Man, look how times have changed.  A massive brawl broke out on Wednesday night (Dec. 21st) in West Baltimore during a high-school basketball game between DC’s Cardozo High & B-More’s ConneXions school for the arts.

Now, this brawl is nothing like your usual…it was insane! The massive fight originated between two people one said to be a coach and within seconds everyone in the gym were throwing blows! Pop the hood for the footage & scoop.

The Scoop:

The shocking three minute video was taken by a spectator at the game and posted online. It shows both players and fans involved in the fight.

People attending the game say tensions had been rising all night after controversial calls by the referee then someone shoved a Cardozo coach.

Witnesses say Baltimore City police were called in and officers were forced to use pepper spray to get the fight under control. Baltimore City Schools released a statement saying the following:

“Baltimore City Public schools expects spectators and student athletes to exhibit excellent sportsmanship at all times. We are currently investigating the incident that took place Wednesday evening December 21 at ConneXions academy and will take appropriate actions as warranted by the facts and districts Student Code of Conduct”. [source]

DC’s Cardozo High is wearing purple & B-More’s ConneXions school for the arts in red.

WOAH! The part that got me is the fact that grown a** parents felt the need to fight as well instead of setting the example for the children.  This is just a shame.  DMV we have to do better.  I am really lost for words at this point…….

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